I hear some pretty interesting things from people when I’m prepping for a show. Some of them ask me what I like to call “legitimate” questions because they are actually meant to obtain information that was not previously known. “How often do you train?” “When is your competition?” “How do you do that when your trainer doesn’t live here?”

Then there are the not-so-legitimate questions that I’m sure are meant to be rhetorical, but sometimes I want to answer anyway. “You brought your own food again?” “Don’t you want a cookie?” “Doesn’t this cake look good?” Well, yes. Yes, it does. But I’m fairly certain it won’t when it’s transformed into the extra couple pounds on your butt. That was my inside voice.  I’m sorry for the things I say when I am hungry.

These are the top 3 things I’ve heard from people this prep:

3.  “You’re lucky. Your muscles look big because you’re short.” ~CSS grade 12 student.  Uh, what?  Actually…although having a more compact body structure might help, my muscles look big because they are big.

2.  “You have beautiful arms.” ~Lady in front of me in line at the post office…as she strokes my deltoid. I didn’t know who she was.  Or why she felt so comfortable stroking me.  It was awkward and flattering all at the same time.

1.  “Forgive me for saying, but I can’t decide if I want to f*ck you or fight you.” ~Skeezy guy at the gas station. I was at a loss for words.  Only in Chetwynd.

Sometimes I wonder what goes through people’s heads when they open their mouths, but if they’re anything like me, the answer is “not much”!



~ by yomisskang on June 30, 2016.

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