When life gives you lemons, go do (another) leg workout.

I’ve had one hell of a week…

Like all contest preps, I experience an entire mental and emotional rollercoaster. I go from happy to sad to angry to tired to straight-up idiot…usually spread out over the weeks, sometimes within a few minutes. This time it occurred over a few days…

It all started on Thursday when – angry and frustrated with the intense pain in my collarbone – I went to the doctor thinking that perhaps I had cracked it or something. Turns out my sternoclavicular joint is just inflamed. And it hurts like crazy! I can’t lift my arm above my head or across my body, which means no upper body workouts (*tear*) and I look like an idiot trying to get in and out of my clothes. The doctor told me to take 3-4 weeks off. I laughed. He did not. I said I would compromise. I’d take a week off and go to physio. So now I’m on a steady diet of cardio and leg workouts [insert resounding BOOOOO here]. Definitely throws a wrench into my grand plans to TOTALLY ROCK, but sometimes you just gotta make a new path to get there.

Then yesterday, I headed to Prince for a course scheduled to start at 6:00 p.m. I had spent Thursday evening prepping food so that I would have enough to get me through the entire weekend. Then I left it all in my fridge. Bah, stupidity. I could have cried (trust me, it crossed my mind), but I managed to problem solve, picking up an electric skillet and some more fish. On the bright side, when I get home late on Sunday night, I’ll have food in my fridge.


You gotta do what you gotta do.  Cooking fish in my hotel room…

The stupidity continued during my cardio this morning. The fitness room in my hotel didn’t open until 6:00 so I went for a run instead. As I was running, I saw this sign:


I thought, Oh my gosh, I KNOW!

Then I realized it said “bait cars,” not “bait CARBS.”


I am slowly losing my mind.  Wish me luck, I’ve still got 6 more weeks of this to go!




~ by yomisskang on May 29, 2016.

2 Responses to “When life gives you lemons, go do (another) leg workout.”

  1. Good luck!! You’ll rock it!! Did he give you diclofenac gel at least??

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